On the Cursed Continent of Axok, you find yourself. This is where the Nine Defiler Kings were sent because they were so powerful that the two paths of magic, the Order of the Celestial Paths and the Order of the Earthly Paths, did not believe Death could contain them so they sealed them away on the continent of Axok. These Nine Defiler Kings brought the end of the Age of Magic for both Paths were so weakened from fighting and sealing them away that its was possible for the Age of Empires to come to be.

It is a harsh and unforgiving land. It is a land where only the strong has survived in a landscape twisted by dark magic. A land forsaken by the gods for the dark sins of its inhabitants. To be sent to Axok means ones crime was so heinous that it is believed one must be sent to Hell on the mortal plane instead of death.

Others call Axok home, for many are descendants of the original inmates who have carved out a small existence out for themselves in this hellhole. Still the Nine Defiler Kings watch over their petty kingdoms and war with one another over the dwindling resources they waste on trying to escape from their prisons.

Even now as the world goes through the Age of Darkness when many of the great empires have fallen and the world rest on a needle’s edge leaning toward destruction, the people of Axok grimly fight on against the odds. But even the people of Axok are not prepared for the Dread that is coming, its dark shadows reaching out to tear out what’s left a Hope that yet gleams.

In land of monsters and villains is there anyone who will stand against the coming Shadow?


mortemcadaver Slimnoid