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The world of Venphrir is what you call home. Here three moons hover in the night sky. One moon of purest white, one of crimson red, and the other of darkness are these moons known as Lunaria, Phairiu and Sahar. The three aspects of the Goddess of Autumn, Aion, ever changing as the phases of the moons.

The continents of Venphrir:

Illusam is located in the northern hemisphere with both parts in the western and eastern hemispheres of the world. Notable kingdoms are Arthuran, Selifan, Swizte, Bone Mountain, Parian, Vatican, Ermani, Randor, Lorenal and the emerging nation of Provance. Iterrain Sea to the south of Illusam separates it from the continent of Saharn. To the North is the Denorden Sea and the Ice fields. To the west is the great Atlantis Ocean. To the East of Illusam is the continent of Zielen both separated by the Great Dragon Sea.

Saharn south of Illusam and north of the continent Massmorian which the two are separated by the Aire Sea. Aire Sea also known as the Pathway to Hell. Saharn is located on the equator of Venphrir and situated on both western and eastern hemispheres. Notable kingdoms are Enlighten, Roldem, Daycher, Erso, Ygpian, Morro, and Skytal. The Drago Ocean is to the east. The great Desert of Death is at the center of the continent.

Massmorian is south of Saharan and north of the continent of Antari. Notable kingdoms are Dannar, Qui’al, Ifful, Pacol, and Soafri. South of the Massmorian is the Antari Ocean. The great Serpent Rift twist and weaves through the continent. Also the Great Massmorian Cliffs that face the continent of Saharn.

Antari Continent has barely been explored because of the Antari Ocean is a minefield of glacier activity. All that is known is ruins of ancient civilization is there and rumored sleeping monster rest there.

The continent Zielen located in the eastern hemisphere and northern hemisphere and it is the largest of the continents as known. It boasts three of the largest active empires which are the Shangra Empire, the Divine Zie Empire and the Imperial Lands of Tonorurri. These three empires all border one another and all believe that their Emperor has divine right over the entire continent.

The continent Nameri across the Atlantis Ocean resting in the Northern and Western Hemisphere. The Un tribe originates from that land. The twin nations Dici and Nework controlled by the Un tribe. In the Frost Wastelands in the Northern part of Nameri resides a large warforged community centered around one of the legendary Creation forges, it is known as Natori. In the southern part of Nameri is the Mayztec empire in the jungles. In the center the kingdoms of Navji, Gilfer, and Atles. In the West is the dark kingdom of Capathia, Maris of Saphnite, Androva, and the Crysanthim empire. The Devil Ring Ocean is off the west coast.

The continent Texultan rests in the Southern and Western hemisphere. It is know for its dangerous jungles and strange ruins older then anything on Venphrir. Kingdoms of note are the Arzi, the Machu, Steca, and Chilu.

The continent Axok is south of Zielen and it is located in the Eastern and Southern hemispheres. A cursed land where the worse criminals of Venphrir are sent too. A mystical barrier has been placed over the continent by the Celestial Order and the Earthly Order to contain the nine Defiler Kings. The barrier’s strength even blocks the connection to the gods as such it has earned its title as the Cursed Continent. No one can escape by magic and the height of the continent prevent escape by a more physical route.
Many centuries have gone by, still criminals are sent there to live the rest of their lives in despair and ruin. The Defiler Kings drained the landscape dry in their attempts to break free turning a land once lush and beautiful into a harsh and deadly wasteland. Even the creatures that live their have been warped by their dark powers. The Defiler Kings still live plotting to get free.

The last continent of Venphrir is the continent of Tantlas which is shrouded in mystery like the continents of Axok, Anteri and Texultan. Foreigners are only allowed at designated ports. Many have not seen what the inhabitants of the island look like. Dressed in robes that cover from head to toe, only their eyes are visible.

The Races of Venphrir
[I will be detailing out each of the races as I go along, when you see () this means their alternate name]

Humans are diverse and the most common race on the entire world of Venphrir. They live on every continent of Venphrir.

Elves (Lorenal Elf) are the original elves of Venphrir who survived the Second Sundering and the curse that befell the Drow. The Lorenal Elves once held a great empire after the Second Sundering. Its capital was located on the Misty Isles of Dellours, the empire expanded deeply through Illusam cutting it in half. It was in constant competition with Bhaal and Uaromex. The war between the three empires resulted in the fall for all three of them. The magics used in the war placed a curse on the Misty Isles of Dellours causing it to vanish from the world. With the isles went the royal line and their immortality.
The Lorenal elves splintered as the result. Several went deep in the wilderness forsaken the trappings of civilization becoming what would be known as the Savage Elves. They became more in touch with primal and became allies to the Goliath. Distrustful of Tieflings and Dragonborn still harboring a grudge for the lost of their immortality and great civilization.
The other group would become to be known as Urban Elves for their love cities and the trappings of civilization. Though many have not been able to create cities of their own, but a few cities have been built. They believe they can recapture their former glory and immortality through Nediva. Many have turned to the divine looking for salvation and aid in bringing back Lorenal. As such elves tend to worship Nediva, the goddess of civilization and Kaysar, he taught them perseverance.

Eladrin (Feylorn Elves) are the elves who crossed over to the Feywyld near the end of what would become known as the Second Sundering, in attempt to escape the curse that befell their fellow elves. They sent their cities deep into the Feywyld where magic ran wild. There they thought to tame and harness that magic. They were wrong, the wild magic altered them, most obvious signs are their eyes which have a faint glow of arcane energies. Their cities are true wonders to behold. They blend architecture and magic together to create beauty. The first wizards were from the faction of elves that became the Eladrin. Eladrin generally worship Kell, for he brought beauty, and Seshardi, from him they learned patience.
Eladrin view Elves and Drow as cousins who have lost their way. They view the other races as either potential servants, useful or worthless. In their own cities they separate foreigners from the city proper. Many Eladrin cities that are in the Material world have entire towns formed next to it because of the need for trade.
Eladrin are split into two groups which are Noble and Lowborn. Noble Eladrin are cultured and educated. Many of the advancements in magic was their work. But the Noble Eladrin, who have the Eladrin arrogance coupled with an addiction to power. They bleed the Lowborn dry while the majority are completely unaware of the rot within that threatens to tear apart their people.
The Lowborn Eladrin are proud and strong people. Nobles are inclined to magic but the Lowborn were the ones who developed many of the martial traditions that are part of the Eladrin. On the other hand they are stubborn and still believe they are better then everyone else. Both groups are locked in their traditions.

Drow (Midnight Elves) were once known as Light Elves, the Favored of Mekacron. That changed during the Second Sundering, the humans of the Un Tribe placed a curse upon them. It was supposedly said “May the Sun you once love burn and blacken your skin.” With that a terrible curse turned the very sunlight against them and it spread amongst the elves like wild fire. They went to exile and built domed cities to block sun light and came out only at night. Lilith and Aion took them in and protected the Drow. Lilith for her own reasons while Aion protected the children of her beloved Mekacron. Thousand of years passed and the curse no longer spreads to the other elves and it has changed. The Sun no longer burns their skin and turn them to ash. But many Drow still live in ignorance of this fact. These and the ones who choice to keep the Drow in the dark are known as the Endarkened. The ones who known and wander the land are known as Sun Wanderers.

Tieflings were once humans of a great and powerful empire that stretched all of the Southern Illusam and Northern Saharn. The emperor and his court grew to fear death and lust for more power. The Emperor Bhaal made a pact with Asmodeus. From that pact came long life and great power which they used to continue their march of conquest. But with this great power came a change in their form, the Emperor and his court changed matching the King of Hell and his lords. The most of Saharn fell to the Bhaal empire. Only the Lorenal Kingdom and the Uarmerox Empire. The three great nations clashed over Illusam. In a bid for godhood the emperor drew power from the Lorenal Forest and the energies released from battle nearby. The Archpriest of Uarmerox fought his way through and struck Emperor Bhaal before he could finish. The resulting energies were released sending the Isles of Lorenal into the mists, sending madness to the Uarmerox people and damning the Bhaal empire. The people of Bhaal forever changed by the deal made by its rulers. As such tieflings can found on the continents of Illusam, Saharn, Massmorian, Anortuvi, Zielen and Axok. Tieflings generally don’t worship the gods because of the events of the Fall. Though in Illusiam, the worship of Aion is gaining strength.

Halflings are based upon the region they live in. Like humans they are every where. From the nomadic wanderers in Illusam, brutal and cannibalistic from Axok, jungle warriors of Texutlan, they are diverse people. One thing sets them apart from all races, they are neither children of Man, Elf or Dwarf. All that anyone knows is Luck favors the halflings and some have called the Luck’s Offspring.

Dwarves are split into three groups, Mountain Dwarves are a solid lot, or stubborn as some would say. Industrial by nature and hard working they build fantastic fortresses in mountains and cliffs. They shape the very stone to their will and deep within their fortresses great forges belch black smoke darken the mountains they live in. They have very little use of magic viewing it as a short cut. Male dwarves maintain complicated beards with decorations braided to show status and house. Dwarven women are a solidly built and yet feminine but as their men are bearded their faces a smooth, their hair braided and decorated like the men’s beards. They ranged from pale to dark skin and eye colors are dark, though if one is born with eyes of gold they are considered to be blessed by Eclythe and shall be quite successful. Wyston, one who taught innovation, and Eclythe, who taught them worth, are the gods they worship.
Mariner Dwarves unlike their Mountain brothers are breed leaner but just as stubborn. Great shipwrights and sailors, the open sea is their home. They keep their beards short and generally kept free of decoration. They run on the darker side for skin color and hair. Marine Dwarves need to feel the sea beneath, smell the salt in the air and hear the cry of the gulls. For them Thera, she who restored the seas, and Lilith, she who brings the night and the stars to navigate, are the ones they primarily worship.
Plain Dwarves love open spaces as much as the Mariner Dwarves love the open sea. All of the males are clean shaven and generally they are on the light skin and fair haired. They are wandering horsemen, for a wanderlust infects the lot of them. Common belief is that they were born in the saddle. As such Plain Dwarves also breed horses and even have a particular breed of their own. Only Texultan and Antari are known to have no actual native dwarves.

Half-Elves are a product of their environments. If they are the result of Feylorn or Midnight elf and human generally will be viewed with disdain and some cases violence. Those that survive to adulthood hate the feylorn or midnight elven parents or their human parents. Most Lorenal half elves are well adjusted compared to the other two. In Zielen, half elves of the Shangra empire are actually the royalty and nobility. They blended their blood with elves to extend the life span of the noble blood. Of course now it is forbidden for any human or elf to have children in the Shangra empire for only the nobility may have the combine blood. For this reason most of the elven population of Shangra has been exterminated and live in hiding or government controlled villages. Half-elves are almost non existent on Massmorian since there is no elves living on the continent.

Dragonborns (also known as Dracoens) born from the blood of the Great Dragon Io spilling on humans during the Second Sundering. Broken into six clans since the fall of the Arkhosia (Uarmorex) Empire. The five surviving clans are Frost Wurm Clan, Magma Drake Clan, Zephyr Serpent Clan, Wildwood Wyvern Clan, Storm Viper Clan, and Morass Draco Clan. These clans are organized based on the old families of Arkhosia (Uarmerox) Empire. The Gold Dragon Clan is thought to be dead since Emperor Bael’s death curse struck down the Archbishop that was head of the family.
These six clans are believed to be connected to the first six dragons of the Lord of Dragons. These clans revere their ancestral founders. Dragonborn practice ancestor worship alongside worshipping deities. The Dragonborn have as a whole a blood-feud with the Tieflings because the two had great empires in their times both were at war with one another. Proud and fierce are the Dragonborn. Each clan is different from one another and their values. Dragonborns can be found on the continents of Anortuvi, Texutlan, Saharn, Illusam, Axok, and Massmorian.


Half-Orcs are the product of their parents and how they were raised and who they are inside. A majority of half-orcs are not conceived under willing circumstances on either side. Though others are born under a more joyous occasions. Half-orcs are found every where humans and orcs are.

Shifters are a savage and primal race that are descendants of the first werecreatures of Venphrir. They run in packs of 6 to 12 for the ones who live in the untamed and wild lands. For the ones who have been “civilized” live in small villages who maintain sacred grounds of the shifters. Four times a year the packs come together to celebrate the changing of seasons, allow for the young to intermingle and for new packs to form. These celebrations last for two weeks and then they disperse. Sometimes they are called together for war.




Devas are angels locked in a cycle of reincarnation. These angels have been punished by the Hidden One for their transgressions. Their ancient foes are the Rakshasas, who also have been cursed with a cycle of reincarnation by the Hidden One. They come into their powers and surge of memories when they hit puberty for the respected races they are born from. By the time they hit young adult they begin to shed their parent race appearance.







Shadar-kai the blood of the lord of Terror spilled on the elves at the battle created a connection between the Shadowfell and them. Inexplicably drawn to the realm they fled there after the battle hiding away their shame. Now they return to the world they left. What they have planned only they know.


Genesai created when the blood of the Lord of Terror spilled upon the humans at the battle between the Lord of Terror and the Lord of Dragons. Many appear to be human but always have something off about them that gives hints to their elemental heritage. For some others they truly look like elemental creatures. They live mostly in clans centered around their element.

Thri-kreen can be found on the continents of Axok and Saharn. Thanks to the rise of the Naval Age, more thri-kreen have been seen on all the continents now. They are people of hunters and as such they view everything in the lens of the hunt. They work in packs and many Thri-Kreen can not stand to be alone. The Lone Sickness is a real problem for Thri-Kreen, proven to be fatal to them if they do not find something to become part of.

Muls are extremely rare since dwarves do not look favorably on relations outside their own race. Most Muls can be found in Axok where do to continent wide practice of slavery, wish to have dwarf’s resilience and human flexibility. But outside of Axok it is extremely rare to run across a Mul. If one is found he or she will generally hate both parents.


Rakshasa or also known as the Fallen. When the angels were struck down so to were the devils that they fought against. Both were forced into a series of reincarnation unable to return to their respected sides until they have learned their “lesson.” Some of the Rakshasas are Devas who fell to corruption but as there is ones born from corruption even Rakshasa have redeem themselves and become Deva. Below is the Rakshasa player race that is open to everyone.
Fallen angels bound to mortal flesh by an angry god, deceivers and tricksters to the very core.
Average Height: 6’1”-6’6”
Average Weight: 175-280 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, choice of +2 Strength or +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, choice of two others
Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Intimidate
Hellish Resistance: You have resistance to fire and poison damage equal to 5 + one-half your level.
Deceiver’s Heritage: Choose another race besides deva, rakshasa or revenant. You count as a member of the race for purpose of choosing feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.
Infernal Origin: Your soul is native to the Nine Hells. As such, you are considered an immortal creature for purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Deceptive Veil: You have the deceptive veil power
Rakshasa Racial Power
Deceptive Veil
At-will, Illusion
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You disguise yourself to appear as any Medium humanoid. A successful Insight check (opposed by your Bluff check) pierces the veil.

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